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Complete Fencing Solutions in Kerala

Viswas Fencing is an end to end result to the fencing requirements of guests throughout the state of Kerala. Fencing result aims at delivering the complete result with a professional touch within the quested time using quality accoutrements of Viswas at a reasonable rate. Further, our platoon offers a 5 time bond to the client for the result. The following effects make it a new one in the fencing result request.

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With the title ‘World class fencing result just a phone call down’, Tata Steel has tied up with named high- quality fencing contractors in association with Kerala Distributor, Modern Distropolis Limited, to deliver a complete fencing result to the consumers of Kerala.

The Fencing Result comes with the assurance of a accessible and hassle-free experience as well as operation of good quality formalized material for the entire hedge.

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GI Barbed Wire

GI wire (Galvanized Iron Wire) is a zinc coated steel wire used for applications that demand longevity.

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GI Chainlink Fence

Tata Wiron Chainlink is made of high quality zinc coated steel wire. They are extremely strong and built to last long. preferred strangers.

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Aayush Barbed Wire

longer shelf life that could withstand the vagaries of weather, resist corrosion from pesticides and chemicals effectively

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